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If the Sex Pistols and the Beatles coupled and produced a frolicking child, it would be the Speedles. The Speedles play all Beatles songs but the do them with the raw punk sound and attitude of the Sex Pistols. You know all the songs, but you’ve never heard them like this. Faster, louder but just as fun.

The Speedles have been gigging in London for over a year and crowds have been lining up around blocks to see them live. The shows are non-stop energy and entertainment from start to finish. They are the hottest act in London and now they are hitting the US.

The line up consists of Singer/Johnny Stallin, Guitarists Harry George and Lenny Best, Bassist Saul McHartley and Drummer Bingo Marrs. The Speedles are bringing back classics to a new generation and updating them for those thirty somethings that want to get out and bounce around for a while. Finally great live music is back!

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