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Arena Rock, Magic & Mayhem!
Hendrix - Zeppelin - ZZ Top - Deep Purple
- Styx - Black Sabbath
Blue Oyster Cult - Rush - Pink Floyd
and more...

From the sludgy guitar and banshee howls of Black Sabbath, the flamethrowing guitar bursts and chugging organs of Deep Purple, the British Blues and Folk Rock of icons such as Led Zeppelin, the Who and Jethro Tull, to the symphonic Arena Rock and Power Ballads of Kansas and Styx, the psychedelic gems of Pink Floyd, the Southern-Rock of Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Texas Humor of ZZ Top, and many more...
The core members of BVA hail from some of Seattle's most notorious elements, deeply rooted in Seattle's Rock Community: Zach Melang of the Super-Sonic Soul Pimps, Mike Stone from Crack Sabbath and Bay Leaf (Stone Gossard's Side Project), Ryan Burns of Bebop and Destruction, Mesa from Madison, and lead guitar of Collin Higgins...

Christopher Ryan Disario - The Seattle Sinner
"...When the band takes the stage it's easy to get caught up in the illusion that you're seeing the original bands. Mesa's voice is like a chameleon changing to mimic Plant, Tyler, Waters or Ozzy flawlessly. Colin Higgins plays the guitar like he owns the songs. Zak and Mike Stone pump out a seamless rhythm section. And the most underrated but important part of any classic rock band, Ryan Burns throws out his keys with reckless abandon...

...I know I'm being naïve when I say there's nothing exciting happening on the original music scene, but for an hour to be able to live through an era that will never exist again, to be able to sing along and dance and drink to the songs that have defined what rock 'n' roll is today is truly a blast. ... "
- --

One night you may hear a storming torrent of across-the-board hits, maybe the next featuring all Led Zeppelin or The Who, or perhaps an off-the-cuff, thoughtless snap into "Dark Side of the Moon"... It's hard to know what the band has in store for the next song, set or even show, but be sure it is always served with a special "BVA" touch...

MP3 Audio Clips:

Have A Cigar
Living Loving Maid
Dream On




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